Monday, 30 June 2014

The Fiber Finder - with spoons and flowers

Hello friends! I've been a bit AWOL of late - my apologies for the radio silence. Life and competing priorities has meant that the old blog has been shunted to the back of the line, but rest assured that I'm still alive and stitching!

I think it's time for another installment of the fibre finder, don't you? And what got my juices going this time was that Disneyland of fabric possibilities: Spoonflower. It's all torture for me though - no buying as I am in the middle of a self imposed 'month of cheap' after my beloved but very old car gave up the ghost. So, let's do some hypothetical shopping!!

Let's start with some spoons, shall we? Particularly this vivid example:

Bendy Utensils
The bad punner in me wants this fabric so badly, just so I can have a dress to watch The Matrix in.

Have some flowers too:
Aaaand now that we've gotten the literal options from spoonflower, let's see what else they have to offer us... (but oh, I want the spoons!!)

Hypotrochoid Flowers

Does anyone else remember making beautiful images with a Spirograph? I used to spend hours looping out patterns and playing with the colours... that's why I find this fabric so lovely. It's nostalgic and unique at the same time, and I love the sage green background too.

Suit of Flowers
For your next games night, I vote you wear diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs... there's also a black-based colourway, should this not make your heart sing. It's very modcloth, don't you think??

I had been hoping for an amazing unicorn print, but these narwhals won by a nautical mile. I once had a flatmate who thought that narwhals weren't real; his astonishment when I showed him that a narwhal was a real, bonafide creature was only slightly higher than mine upon finding that a 35 year old never knew they existed.

Retro Flowers
A little bit more toned down than options above, but still very striking. My inner mod is loving this print, I could have a lot of fun with my 1960's patterns and this print!

Animal Constellations
A cute and quirky print for an animal lover! And not your typical animals either; owls, foxes, geese and rabbits. This is the kind of fabric that you'd never tire of looking at.

The Butterfly Effect
This abstract print is a unique take on the usually girly subject of Butterflies. It reminds me strongly of Deaf Aotearoa's logo, and resonates with me because the Deaf feel a connection to butterflies, as they too communicate visually. Add in that the butterfly is often seen as the symbol of the soul, and you've got one magical print.

And finally, to wrap up, a border print. I've been hunting for a border print for quite some time, and this is the closest to perfect I've found so far. In fact, the entire dragonfly lace collection is pretty well perfect.
Dragonfly lace - border print

And that sums up this rather visually busy and vibrant edition ofthe Fibre Finder. Now tell me, which was your favourite, and did you find any gems while browsing spoonflower yourself? Am I mad to want a spoon dress? And most importantly, if you've bought spoonflower fabric, what's the quality like?