Saturday, 29 September 2012

I made pants!

Check it out... Pants!

Yes indeedy,  these are the product of my tutorials on tracing a pair of pants. And I'm pretty pleased with them too. After my only pair of jeans finally wore through between my thighs, I knew it was time to tackle the problem. I liked the fit through of the pants though, so resolved to copy them.

These are made from a wale-less grey corduroy and have a straight leg, with a high-ish waistband for comfort and avoidance of muffin-top. For a bit of fun - because otherwise they are just plain old grey pants, I added some pink ikat cotton on the inside of my waistband. Lately I've come around to the use of fun details in my sewing that just make them much more fun - regardless of if other people can see them or not.

I think the only part where I'm a bit disappointed is with the odd wrinkle across the thigh, particularly under my rear. I've tried to check out the Colette pants-sewing cheat-sheet and - no surprise here - I must have large inner thighs.

Complaining time - and if you're not into hearing about body image issues them please skip this and the next paragraph - in my new job I take the stairs all the time. I'm only 2 floors up and from there I'm in the middle of the whole building. And it takes the same amount of time for me to climb or descend the stairs than it does for the elevator to show up and cart others up and down. But ever since starting this, my butt and thighs have gotten firmer and larger. To the extent where I no longer fit my favourite pencil skirt. And all of a sudden, where I had few body image concerns, my butt shows up. So sewing these pants has made me even more aware of the junk in my trunk.

These pants have also taught me some of the interesting quirks about my body as well, such as the weird indent between my hips and saddlebags. I'm a pear shape and ok with that (sans expanding bottom), but the indents are something I'd rather not have. I'm keen to blame them on the teenage years wearing ridiculous hipster-style pants.

Moving right along.... Sewing pants, as Cation says, is easy. Fitting them is not. I suppose I cheated here. But if I can avoid tears of the sewing variety then I will, and so I copied what already fitted - front leg piece, back leg piece, important details (like grainline, seam allowance) coming soon.

I think the only thing these pants are really missing now are pockets. Jono was looking at me funny this afternoon, and mentioned that these pants... well, they didn't really look like pants, and he didn't know why, because wait, there's no rear pockets! I'm in two minds over whether I want to add pockets or not - what are your thoughts?

Now my next conundrum is whether or not to sew some floral pants - I love the look, but would hate to sew something that's only going to really work for one season. Or, worse still, be sewn and never worn for fear of them being too outlandish in my conservative little city town.

What do you think? Floral pants? Yea or Nay? Do I need pockets? What sort of battles have you had sewing pants?

The Stats:
Fabric: Grey wale-less corduroy, $20 p/m. 2 metres bought.
Pink ikat fabric for the waistband.
Notions: Grey thread, grey zipper, metal button. 11 needles. Yes, 11. Damn machine chewed through them like they were potato chips. There was a lot of cursing.
Wear again? Oh yes!
Make again? Yes. In floral fabric next??
What I learned: Inserting a flat fly-front zipper (best tutorial ever, this), adding a waistband, sewing pants.

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  1. I am impressed! These look great. Pockets, these look great without. If you feel they look unfinished without, then I reckon they'd still look good. I love the pink patterned waistband lining.

    Not sure about the floral ones for the folks of Palmy!

    1. Thanks! I love my waistband lining too - it makes me happy. Agree that Palmy folks may freak out, maybe I'll try and find a more blendable option.

  2. These look amazing! Great job, dood! I have to have back pockets as I'm always stuffing my phone, wallet, and paperwork into them (and I feel kind of naked and exposed without back pockets)! You have a lovely figure, but I know it's really hard to be comfortable in your own skin.

    1. Thank you! Usually I am pretty comfortable but lately the stress has been adding pounds where I don't want em. BUT in saying that, my body floats up and then down again, so I can't give myself too much grief. I do feel off though without pockets... maybe I'll try add some tonight.

  3. First: These look great! You did a good job tackling them.

    Second: If you have muscles, that indent doesn't go away. Sorry, its just a fact of life. I know because I've had it my entire life, including when I weighed 50 pounds less than I do now with about 10-12% body fat. I was horse back riding, going to Karate, and waiting tables, indent was still there. No one has ever complained about them.

    Also, if you are toning, your butt is going to look bigger. I pretty much make sure I stay toned with that area of my body, and it doesn't make mine look smaller at all. It pretty much sits back there and says "HELLO! LOOK AT MY POSTERIOR!" What it does do is make men weak in the knees, especially if you get the pencil skirt and trousers to fit properly. At least around here. The men of African-American persuasion in my life tease me for having "ethnic booty", which my husband adopted. I'm ok with this. And I can assure you, mine is probably larger. ;)

    In any case, I think you're totally rockin'.

    1. Also, now that I'm not half a bottle into the wine, I hope this didn't come off as... I dunno, in anyway negative. Wasn't meant to be!

    2. Oh my, of course not! I saw you comment and actually 'aaaaww'-ed in appreciation, because you are so right. And I am also glad I'm not the only person with our hour-glass hips! As for the toning, well, I do like the perkier aspect. And it can always be worse - I could have had a saggy butt instead.

      And lady K, you are totally rockin' as well. Really!

  4. Nice! I may have to copy some of my pants, too! I haven't tried sewing pants yet, but if i just trace ones i know i already love then there shouldn't be any crazy fitting issues. Adding this to my ever-growing list of projects on my "want-to-do" list (more fun than my regular "to-do" list, which could be titled my "don't-want-to-do" list)

    1. Oh I know that list! I put making pants off for so long that these had to be made - all my other pants wore out!


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